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D/FW Students Prepare for Interviews

On Jan. 7, twelve P4 students at the SOP campus in Dallas/Fort Worth (D/FW) polished their interview skills in preparation for their upcoming post-graduate year one (PGY1) residency interviews. The mock interviewees, all P4s, included Samrawit Agonafer, Stephanie Drude, Jared Gower, Kim Huynh, Josh Jacobs, Merlyn Joseph, Matthew Miller, Ronnie Matheke Miller, Brett Noteware, Loretta Rios, Brian Terrell and Ruben Villanueva.

Nine faculty members and four residents from the D/FW campus volunteered to help the students by conducting the mock interviews. Faculty volunteers included Associate Professors Dr. Steve Pass, Dr. Krystal Edwards and Dr. Sachin Shah and Assistant Professors Dr. Amie Blaszczyk, Dr. Lisa Chastain, Dr. Kristen Hesch, Dr. Cole Kildow, Dr. Megan Stapleton and Dr. Valerie Vuylsteke.

Resident volunteers included Dr. Christina Chen, Dr. James Sanders, Dr. Savannah Washington and Dr. Tanis Welch, who participated in the event last year as a P4 student.

During the mock interviews, each student rotated through four interview sessions: a pair of one-on-one interviews with a faculty member; one group interview with up to three faculty members; and one group interview with a PGY1 resident and a PGY2 resident.

Students submitted their curriculum vitae, a letter of intent from one of the residency positions for which they have applied and the complete list of PGY1 residency positions for which they have applied. Volunteer faculty and residents reviewed the material and individualized each interview.

Each 30-minute interview period consisted of 20 to 22 minutes of interview and an additional three to minutes minutes in which students were allowed to test some of their questions. Volunteer faculty and residents ended each interview session by providing verbal feedback to the students and then prepared a written evaluation sheet at the end of the day.

This is the second year the mock residency interviews have been undertaken at the D/FW campus.

After last year�s sessions, students provided written and verbal evaluations about the interview process and preparation. Edwards has organized the mock interview sessions both years and compiled the information from the evaluations. She said the students who participated this year will be asked to provide similar feedback that will be shared with the class of 2013.

�I really have enjoyed organizing this event and seeing how much the students appreciate it,� Edwards said. �I love seeing how much the students learn from the practice interviews and how they grow professionally from the process. Last year the students were great and provided an abundance of feedback and encouraged me to continue this process as they thought it was one of the best things that helped them prepare for their residency interviews.�

P4 Brian Terrell has applied for several PGY1 and PGY1-PGY2 combined residencies. He said the mock interview experience has left him feeling better prepared during the real-life interview process.

�I�ve completed three interviews and some form of the questions asked during the mock interviews have been presented in each one,� Terrell said. �The mock interviews allow students to interact in the real life interview situation and prepares them for question types that they may not be aware are standard to ask. I would definitely recommend participating in the mock interview process to those students who are preparing and applying for a residency.�